Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town
Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape TownFilm Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town
Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town


The team
The Film Company, with Hanro Mohr at its helm, has the reputation of finding the right people for the job. Respected people in the industry who want to work with Hanro make the difference to your production needs.(take out)

South African crew is amongst the best in the world. We have a vast pool of skilled technicians, which include aerial cameramen, underwater and stunt cameramen, skilled helicopter pilots and stunt special effects and pyrotechnics teams.

Working Hours and overtime

A standard day is 10 hours including a meal break. Saturday is a standard day
Premium days (+50% on the standard day rate) are Sundays; official public holidays; the 7th consecutive shooting day; consecutive shoot days after the 7th shoot day; and the first night of a night shoot.
Overtime is calculated at approx 50% of the hourly rate for the first 4 hours after 10 hours; approx 100% of the hourly rate thereafter.
Turnaround time at the hourly rate is charged for the number of hours less than 10 hours away from the set after wrap and before call the following day.
Travel days are at half rate up to 10 hours with overtime thereafter.

Catering teams are there to satisfy your appetite and offer you a splendid selection of delectable delights on set, whether on location or in the studio.

Your chaperone will spend a lot of time with you. They are there to scout locations, take you sightseeing and look after your every need. These young, energetic people will arrange anything from the best place to book for dinner to where to buy that special gift for your family at home. They will keep a close check on your schedule and make sure you are where you need to be at all times.

Casting and Talent
South Africa offers talent across the racial spectrum. International Models and talent also flock to Cape Town for the season, which normally runs from September through to April,. The Film Company has a pool of professional actors, characters, extras, child performers and beautiful models giving you the cream of the crop when planning your commercial.

Talent fees and buyouts in South Africa are negotiable. Contracts, buyouts and fees are looked after by our Casting Director, who tailor makes your needs according to your budget as well as those dictated by South African legal requirements.

An edited cast reel will be provided. This can also be placed on a dedicated web site . We handle all talent contracts on your behalf.

Your equipment will be hired through approved rental companies who are able to offer you a full range of state-of- the art camera equipment from Panavision and Arirflex. Lenses from Canon, Angenieu, Cooke and Ziess, but if you have any special requirements, we will source them for you. Grips in South Africa are manufactured to meet local and international demands; Giraffe crane and Meerkat minijab, and recognizable brands such as Panther, Elemack, Chapman and Fischer are all available here. We also have the latest HD cameras

Film Stock
Film stock is available from Kodak and Fuji. Cape Towns' Film Lab has recently been awarded The Kodak Image Care award, an honour bestowed on very few labs in the world.

Post Production
The success of numerous South African international commercials has been attributed to our award winning editor's. Post production and video facilities proudly maintain pace with international trends, boasting state of the art digital technology.


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