Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town
Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape TownFilm Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town
Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town


Cape Town
South Africa is distinct in its African feel, yet the diversity of it and the cultural representation allows duplication of many parts of the world. Jungles, quaint Greek fishing villages, desert scenes, Chinese paddy fields, European towns and rich countryside can all be created in this world in one country. Cape Town is also easily accessible to the exotic Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, the Seychelles and Madagascar, all a short flight from the Mother City.
Johannesburg is a dynamic, sophisticated city with huge avante-garde glass buildings besides turn of the century historic structures. Johannesburg is also a springboard to neighboring Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Soweto is a vast township and home to the millions of workers who are behind South Africa's economy. Its vast, smokey sprawl, myriad of taverns and jazz clubs create an energy within this vibrant city of gold.
The Namib is hours away from the city and is unsurpassed in its splendid beauty. The oldest desert in the world - a stark, desolate setting for visual dramas. Strange rock formations, plant life bursting skyward and majestic sand dunes of red, brown and ochre make this location an awesome choice for commercials and fashion shoots alike.
The Drakensberg mountains stretch for 350 kms throughout Southern Africa. Deep valleys, rolling plains, waterfalls, gorges and caverns punctuate the landscape. Different pictures are painted here; mist , romance, spectacular scenery of rugged rocky peaks creating a location of awesome beauty.
Kruger National Park
125 National Game Parks, private game reserves and nature reserves are found in Southern Africa. The Kruger National Park is the largest wildlife park in Southern Africa and if wildlife is what you are here to film, then you will not be disappointed! The concentration and diversity of wildlife to be found here is unique in the world.


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Cote d'Or

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