Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town
Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape TownFilm Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town
Film Production Director Photography Producer South Africa Cape Town


First and Foremost…
Our company was the first in South Africa to offer comprehensive ground support for foreign commercials back in 1981 (when budgets were telexed, fax machines did not exist and portable phones were the size of suitcases), so we've seen it all and done it all, and achieved - in some cases - the impossible.

All the grunt work we do today is based on our 25 years of service and experience to major production houses throughout the world (over 2,000 commercials in all). In essence, we make your unique commercial requirements as much as a holiday as possible in one of the world's most beautiful settings - from the Cape, to the deserts of Namibia, the mountains of Lesotho and Natal to the vast plains and game reserves further north. We've done it all.

Who heads us up?
Hanro Mohr is a seasoned chap and has more than twenty-five years experience in the Industry as a Producer, Director, and Lighting Cameraman - just the sort of guy to really get it together for you (and your most demanding Director and Client). His involvement in the film industry includes over twenty feature films, local and International commercials, numerous documentaries and several TV dramas and TV series.

His professional and enthusiastic approach to film making as both Director and DOP, as well as Producer, has earned him respect from film crew, technicians and artists alike. More importantly, he has a track record that has earned him the trust of all the clients he has worked with.

What we offer you
Apart from our unrivalled experience in servicing film projects since 1981, we offer:

Cost-effective budgets
Shooting schedules
Recruitment of cast and top notch crew
Location surveys and reconnaissance trips
Hire of equipment, facilities and services
Accreditation of work permits, location permits
Post production staff and services
Payroll, cost reports and budget reconciliation

In essence, the complete package.

Where we are
Our Production office runs out of a spacious building in the heart of Cape Town's Waterfront. Security, plenty of parking and easy access to all the main arterial routes leading to the city and surrounds. Cape Town continues to shine as the location of choice for over 350 international commercials produced here each year. Cape Town's impressive attributes are well known to the international advertising community. Competitive rates, excellent light, and the astonishingly diverse and natural beauty of the region create a combination that remains unparalleled. So we are positioned right at the heart of it all.

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